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Eat like a korean with the Gold Ramen Pot as seen in many kdramas. This is the actual nembi or gold pot Koreans are using in cooking their noodles and eating it (noodles) on the cover too. 
Korean Gold Ramen Noodle Pot Aluminum or Nembi in Korean🍜🍜


✔Korean Gold noodle Pot with gold cover
✔A pack of standard size Korean or Japanese noodles
✔Light Aluminum Plating for Rapid Boiling and Cooling
✔️We picked the best Pot without dent and scratch possible before shipping the item. 

⚠Please note that this pot should be hand washed with a soft sponge. The use of sponges or dishwashers may damage the pot. 
⚠ This pot is not suitable for long boiling.

It is made of thin metal that heats up quickly and easily to cook the instant ramen. You don’t have to wait a long time for the water to boil versus a heavy-bottomed pot that may need more time to get hot. 

This is specially made for instant ramen where Koreans traditionally been using back in time. 

Korean Gold Ramen/Nembi Pot 14-20cm

    • Lalamove
    • Grab
    • Joyride
  • 14cm - 20cm

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